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davidhunt 253x300 David HuntPresident of the Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association

David Hunt is a native of Seabrook, with a love of the water and passion for boats. That love was born early on at his father’s dealership, Gulf States Yachts, and nearly 30 years later, David is proud to continue the legacy at Texas Power Yachts.

He began his career as a yacht broker in 2007 with Lauderdale Yacht Sales, after a successful stint in real estate. He then joined Lone Star Yacht Sales as sales director, under the famed international yacht broker James Hedges and excelled in the international yacht market as the Gulf Coast dealer for Azimut Yachts and Bertram Yachts.

Also representing Benetti Yachts and Atlantis Yachts as an official international agent, David had the opportunity to perfect the art of luxury yacht sales. With his intimate knowledge of the global luxury yacht market, his clients praise him for his honesty, attention to detail and his desire to always act in their best interest.

Now in his role at Texas Power Yachts, he tries to match the right boat to the desired yachting experience. His knowledge and experience with brokerage and new boats makes him an excellent partner in finding the perfect boat.

Passionate, patient and driven, he is an Eagle Scout, president of The Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association and an active third-generation member of Lakewood Yacht Club. When he isn’t at the office, he is on the water in his Boston Whaler with his beautiful fiancé, Lindsey, or enjoying spending time with his family and friends at Lakewood.

How long has the Gulf Coast Yacht Brokers Association been in the area?

Since the early 1980s.

As the president of that organization, what are your duties and responsibilities?

As president, I am responsible for presiding over all or the meetings of the GCYBA, as well as planning all of the meetings and special events. There are also specific committees, and duties placed by the board of directors. I also spend time promoting our organization in the Bay Area, as well as the state of Texas.

If you could own any boat what would it be?

Bertram 64 Convertible. My father had several Bertram and Hatteras yachts when I was growing up.
To many people buying a new boat can be a daunting process; could you walk us through the steps of purchasing a boat?
It can be a daunting process and the first step is to find a broker you can trust. The broker members of the GCYBA are all held to an ethical standard, as well as many being Certified Professional Yacht Brokers.

Brokers have resources available to them that most buyers do not have. We have access to multiple listing services, as well as boat information and knowledge that can save time in narrowing the search to meet the buyer’s needs. We can also assist the buyer by helping them define what vessel they want as well as defining vessels that will fit their needs.

Once the boat is selected, the broker will assist them with presenting an offer to the seller and negotiating a price, and terms.
A broker can assist the buyer in finding a qualified marine surveyor to survey the vessel and give an expert opinion of the condition and value of the vessel.

Once the survey is competed, the broker will assist the buyer in the closing phase of the process, helping with titles, documentation and closing documents. This will help make sure that everything flows smoothly, resulting in a happy experience for all parties.

What’s your favorite movie?

Pulp Fiction

What changes do you see for the boating industry in the next 3 to 5 years?

In our Texas market the industry would be greatly changed with the adoption of a sales tax cap on boats. Florida passed a bill in 2010 that limits the sales/use tax on boat sales to $18,000. By capping the sales tax on boat priced more than $300,000, Florida saw a dramatic increase in sales, as well as direct revenues to marine businesses such as marinas, shipyards, etc.

Currently sales tax in Texas is 6.25 percent on boats under 65 feet and 8.25 percent on vessels over 65 feet. A sales tax cap in Texas would increase the number of boats in the area, as well as much larger boats entering the state. The local economy of our area would see dramatic increases in marine related jobs, as well as the other businesses that profit from the marine industry, such as restraints, marina’s and yacht clubs.

We are also seeing some great new designs in both sail and power yachts, and many new advances in performance, clean engines, and hybrid technology.

How many yacht brokers are in the area? 

Around 60

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

I spend a lot of time on the water in my Boston Whaler with my fiancé and friends. I also enjoy spending time at Lakewood Yacht Club with my family and friends.

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