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Frothing Over Spring Surf

connorXeckX4 Frothing Over Spring Surf

Connor Eck, Galveston. Photo by Adam Valadez.

Stay salty with these boards and accessories perfect for surfing Texas this spring.

29 palmtrop Frothing Over Spring Surf



MRS PALMERS – Tropical Warm Wax. This ultra sticky warm water wax provides the best grip.







ZINKA – Nosecoat. Zinka is 25% Zinc Oxide, visible on your skin, reflects sunlight, blocks out UVA & UVB rays and is water resistant. Comes in a variety of colors. www.zinka.com







CAPTAIN FIN – Joel Tudor 9.5. Designed by legendary longboarder, Joel Tudor, for long nose rides and quick turns. www.captainfin.com





(from  left to right)

RIVIERA – 10’6” Original. This paddleboard is perfect for first timers. It has a slightly pulled in nose and pinched rails for better maneuverability in the surf. www.rivierapaddlesurf.com

STRIVE – The Cruzer. This timeless design will keep you on the nose or trimming down the line. Available in 9’3”, 9’6” and 10”. www.strivesurfboards.com

RUSTY – The Dwart. Easy paddling, a fast ride, effortless glide, and lip blasting vertical capabilities, all packed into one board. Available in a variety of sizes. www.rustysurfboards.com




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