What’s in Your Bag?

sailbag Whats in Your Bag?By Laura Snow

Beach bag, duffle bag, tote bag, ditty bag, shopping bag, tool bag, rigging bag or bag of ideas—whatever your bag, you’ll find some good ideas here.

fleece Whats in Your Bag?

The cool way to stay warm . . .

…with fleece! Polyester fleece. Pullovers, zip-ups, vests, pants. The hands-down best choice for layering under foul weather gear, wearing all by itself, or over or under just about anything! Here’s the deal: it’s very lightweight and soft, the “loft” of the fleece provides insulation just like fur on animals, dries amazingly fast unlike cotton and other natural fibers.

For all who are green-conscious and favoring domestic products, take note. Polyester fleece is made almost entirely of recycled plastic beverage bottles, and most of it is made in the USA. A ton of pluses, and no minuses I can think of – it doesn’t get any better than this.



Fish-ing and Sail-ing

These little books, by Henry Beard, are perfect gifts for the holidays. Wry, dry, and funny as all get out, written as “dictionaries” with terms and situations familiar to us all. An example:

“Bar. Long, low-lying navigational hazard, usually awash, found at river mouths and harbor entrances, where it is composed of sand or mud, and ashore, where it is made of mahogany or some other dark wood. Sailors can be found in large numbers around both.” 

Give a lot of laughing out loud to your fisherman or sailor. These books also have great illustrations sprinkled throughout. (P.S. Beard has also written books about Golf-ing, Gar-den-ing and Ski-ing.) Check them all out at amazon.com.


sailorjerryYo ho ho…

…and a bottle of rum. Sailor Jerry. This spiced rum is so-o-o smooth, with vanilla and hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and buttery toffee. Described as “a straight up, no nonsense high quality, old-school spiced rum.” This rum, named for Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, first a sailor and then a talented tattoo artist, is distilled in the Caribbean, heart of the rum world. Straight, on the rocks or mixed, you’re gonna love it. Ho ho ho, a fine item in Santa’s bag.


Cozy up with this onethrow

On your boat or by the fire, West Marine’s Sarasota Throw can’t be beat. Lovely, light weight and softer than a silky kitten, everyone on your gift list will love this one, including you. And if it never gets cold enough to cuddle up in it, you can put it in your lap and pet it. It’s that soft. These throws are available in-store only at the Kemah location on Marina Bay Drive.



Do something different this year and have Thanksgiving on the water!

Gobble gobble

Ever thought of spending turkey day, Thanksgiving, on your boat? But how? Well, there are many ways. Deep fry or roast the bird at home and bring it to the boat. Heat up your galley and fill it with humidity, not to mention the clean up later. Or, grill it! Most of us have a barbecue grill on board, and a grilled turkey is to die for. The taste had no peer. A whole turkey, though, won’t fit on the barby, so get a small frozen or fresh turkey and have your butcher saw it in half lengthwise. Voila! Grill on low to medium heat only until juices run clear. Let rest a few minutes, carve it up, and enjoy. It’s a beautiful thing!


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